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Troop 119 members are spread all over the DFW region (and beyond) so troop meetings are held in a central location to all. It's not mandatory to attend every monthly troop meeting, but they are fun, educational, and a great place to bond with your dog and meet like minded friends - so you'll definitely want to attend as many as possible.

The monthly troop meetings are normally on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon unless there is a special activity that has to be done on a specific date. Troop meetings are scheduled based on responses received by the troop leaders requesting member's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice preferences for the following month's troop meeting. Meeting dates are then scheduled so the majority of the troop members can attend.

During cooler months, the troop meets in a park. Our most popular location is River Legacy Park in Arlington. These meetings are normally preceded with an optional hike/walk scheduled an hour before the troop meeting. For directions and a map to the River Legacy Park location, CLICK HERE

In hot months, the troop rents an air-conditioned church gym (with indoor/outdoor carpeting). For directions and a map to the church gym location, CLICK HERE

Troop meetings range in activities, but are all geared around the dogs. General monthly meetings could consist of playing games (Doggie Olympics, relay races, etc), learning a specific training techique, working on a badge requirement, having a guest trainer / speaker address the group, etc.

There are also some special monthly meetings such as an Easter Egg Hunt, Dog Swim Party, or our Meals-on-Wheels holiday project. Troop meeting topics are always varied and are announced when the meeting date and information is released by the troop leaders.

There are no monthly "dues" when the meetings are in a free location; however, there is a small per person cost, normally $3-$5, when a rental space is needed. In addition, special activities like the Easter Egg Hunt and Swim Parties are slightly higher in cost to cover the rental expense of the property and/or pool.

As with any organization, what you are willing to give to the organization (time, participation, etc.) is a direct correlation with what you receive from the group (knowledge, fun, better bond with your dog, friendship, etc).

To attend a troop meeting or join Dog Scouts of America, check out the Membership section of this website.

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We look forward to meeting you!

River Legacy Park

Woodland West Church of Christ Gym

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