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Bandana Alert System

- a message from the dog -




Bandana Alerts are in effect at all Troop 119 hosted Dog Scout meetings and activities. If your dog has a message you want to relay to the others, we encourage you to put them in one of the "alert bandanas"...

.....There is a blue bandana with the little bones on it.
.....This bandana means, "I have food issues**. Please don't feed me!"
.....Issues could include allergies, intolerances, special diets, food
.....or resource guarding, food aggression, "shark bite", etc.

.....There is also a solid yellow bandana.
.....The yellow bandana means, "I don't appreciate having dogs in my, so please have your dog give me some distance."

.....And there is a multi-colored striped bandana.
.....The multi-colored striped bandana means, "I don't appreciate humans
.....coming right up to me like we're old buddies. Please don't reach to me without asking my human first."

These bandanas are available to borrow while at troop meetings/activities or you may supply your own. They are simply meant to be a reminder to others that a dog needs a little more space or has a medical condition people need to be aware of.

If you think one of these applies to your dog, please ask for one when you arrive and have your dog wear it during the meeting/activity. We have limited supplies so please remember to return it to us at the end of the meeting/activity.

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